Full range of manufacturing services – Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Let Hadady become your partner in manufacturing. Hadady allows our customers to outsource any project at a fraction of the cost. We offer a full range of services that can help bring your new or existing products to market in the most cost effective way.


Engineering Manifold Model Drawing
Our proactive design and manufacturing engineers combine their talents to solve problems and address our customer’s needs. We can quickly respond to rapidly changing market needs and produce improved products that enhance reliability and performance.


Our skilled technicians and welding robots use digitally controlled equipment to weld fabricated assemblies which comprise of castings, forgings, stampings. burnouts, and structural components.


For more than 35 years Hadady has been a leader in computer-controlled machine technology for fast, flexible and high quality production. Multiple FMS’s and RGV’s to accommodate fast moving schedules and requirements.

Laser BendingBurning & Bending

Precision Laser Burning cells along with Press Brake capabilities adds services for all customer applications.


Secondary ServicesSecondary Services 2

A variety of auxiliary services are provided to meet specific customer requirements including Assembly, Pressure Testing, High Pressure Parts Cleaning, Painting, Deburring, and Detailing.

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