Thermoplastic Bushings

Thermoplastic Bushings

Hadady is the supplier for Devlon products to the North American rail industry.

Devlon A153/S is the toughest and most resilient thermoplastic specifically tailored to meet the demanding needs of a dynamic rail industry.

Devlon A153/S provides a comprehensive range of wear resistance, high load bearing capability and impact strength properties. Devlon A153/S meets or exceeds industry standards for operating environment, exposure to contamination, and safety compliances. Some of the benefits include but are not limited to the items listed below.

    • Longer life of bushings and pins
    • Extended service intervalsBushings_7306
    • Locomotive, passenger and LRV applications
    • Directly interchangeable with existing components
    • Quick and easy installation and removal
    • No alignment difficulties when assembling
    • Oversize bushings with different color options
    • Increased brake efficiency due to reduced brake seizure
    • Low coefficient of friction that supports dry running applications
    • Common sizes available from stock or installed in complete assemblies

With over 20 years of innovation and millions of miles of proven service, Devlon A153/S has stood the test of time and delivered the performance expected by the rail industry.

Hadady Quality – Proven Performance

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