Shock Absorbers, Dampers and Snubbers

Shock Absorbers, Dampers and Snubbers

ZF (Sachs) Shock absorbers, dampers, and snubbers.

Hadady is the exclusive distributor for ZF (Sachs) shock absorbers and dampers to the North American Freight Railroads and Locomotive Rebuilders. We can rebuild Sachs shock absorbers in house at Hadady and save our customers 50% over the price of a new damper.

As a stocking distributor for the complete line of Sachs Shock Absorbers and Yaw Dampers, Hadady Corporation now inventories everything you need for EMD and GE locomotive trucks, as well as passenger car and transit applications. Products Include:

– Primary Dampers

– Yaw Dampers

– Propulsion (Engine) Dampers

– Secondary Vertical Dampers

– Lateral (Horizontal) Dampers

Hadady Corporation can supply the following locomotive Shock Absorbers and Yaw Dampers

OEM Part Number Description
41A319100P1 Primary Damper
41A319101P1 Lateral Damper
41A319102P1 Vertical Damper
41C623389P1 Horizontal Damper
41C624176P1 Vertical Damper
41C624662P1 Vertical Damper
84A203222P1 Primary Damper
84A203358P1 Primary Vertical Damper
84A203378P1 Short Lateral Damper
84A206406P1 Vertical Damper
84A206413P1 Yaw Damper
84A206414P1 Lateral Damper
84A206415P1 Lateral Damper
84A206416P1 Damper
84A206866P1 Yaw Damper
84B104200P1 Yaw Damper
84C611646P1 Short Lateral Damper
84C612476P1 Vertical Damper
84C612477P1 Yaw Damper
4974695 Lateral Damper
4992228 Vertical Damper
4992229 Vertical Damper
4993721 Vertical Damper
22012514 Primary Vertical Damper
40005424 Yaw Damper
40020355 Primary Yaw Damper
40031527 Short Lateral, Secondary Yaw Damper
40057722 Secondary Yaw Damper
40086732 Primary Vertical Damper
40087597 Short Lateral, Secondary Yaw Damper
40088065 Secondary Yaw Damper
40095108 Shock Absorber Kit
40095109 Shock Absorber Kit
40095110 Shock Absorber Kit

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