Brake Heads, Hangers and Levers

Brake Heads, Hangers and Levers

In addition to our common domestic parts offering, Hadady has designed and manufactured brake levers and brake hangers for locomotives worldwide. No matter the gauge or style of truck, we can supply from stock or custom design brake rigging to fit your new locomotive needs.

Hadady offers a wide variety of OEM brake heads in addition to our special canted brake heads. Our specific canted brake head design helps prevent overriding brake shoes and protect you from FRA write ups. Don’t accept other canted designs which prove to be too drastically canted and can push the brake shoe over the flange.

Hadady offers a complete line of locomotive truck replacement parts which now includes all steel, rubber, and plastic parts. Hadady’s Brake Heads are available for the following locomotive applications.

  • EMD Single Shoe Rail BreaksLevers Hangers
  • EMD Single Shoe Canted
  • EMD Clasp
  • EMD Clasp, Canted
  • EMD Switcher
  • Disc Brake Heads, Passenger Locomotive
  • GE Single Shoe
  • GE Single Shoe, Canted
  • EMD Brake Head/Lever Assemblies

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