Commercial And Industrial



Hadady serves a diverse range of customers in the industrial OEM markets. Our product mix continues to grow as manufacturers realize the advantages of our engineered solutions when it comes to steel fabrications. From engine supports, truck suspension components, fabricated tanks, machined castings, and water-cooled exhaust manifolds Hadady LLC Commercial/Industrial products are certified by Hadady to AWS standards.

Fabrications & Supports

Hadady’s steel fabrications are made to your strict dimensions and tolerances. All Hadady’s welding technicians are AWS certified and must pass in-house testing procedures.

Truck Suspension Beams

When quality and reliability is needed for the integrity of your parts, OEM’s count on Hadady.

Fabricated Tanks

Fabricated tanks, whether hydraulic or gas, make your products go. This is why our manufacturing processes are second to none to make sure we deliver quality every time.

Machined Castings

When a precision machined casting is needed, Hadady will deliver. Our multiple FMS’s are precisely monitored to deliver the same part time after time.

Fabricated Exhaust Manifolds

Challenged with producing higher horse-power output in a smaller package, major marine engine manufactures have turned to Hadady for fabricated water cooled exhaust manifolds.

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